Monday, March 31, 2008

EVENT: Insight, Update & a Leap Ahead

I had great time tonight sharing space and food with Robyn, Ryan & Jennifer Gerard. Watching kids play together ... always full of surprises. How/why do they think those things are good ideas?
Finnley started crawling forward tonight for the first time. Yippee! What a sight. He kind of rocked a little and then just lept forward. Up until now he has only been able to slide himself backwards. A new landmark has been reached.
Robyn & Ryan shared some of the good things that have been happening in their deeper groups. How cool is it that a young couple like that have bravely gone out and taken on that new challenge this year? Good for you guys.
Ryan has a whole floatilla of video ideas to help promote PRIMEtime, SoulHouse and the upcoming events. He also said that he has a whole bunch of ideas for his entry (ies) into X-pression. I wonder what he will chose? I am really looking forward to X-pression, I can't wait to see all of the amazing hidden talents that are going to come flying out. Paint, sculpture, design, dance, etc peering out from unlikely sources.
It was great to share time between my family and the Gerard's. There is just nothing like the spiritual reality of hospitality. I love it.


Monday March 31st.
This morning I met to talk about the next SoulHouse talking about Samson with Will Sherman. Wow, that was filled with lots of new insight re: the strong man. What a great opportunity to really think.
I also received an invitation from JD Sherman to visit and speak at Unionville High School. So here is the real question ... Is it really possible to have multi-faith sacred space?
What does it mean for something to be sacred?
How do we recognize different people groups?
How do we honour different faiths?
How do we respect those faiths?
Is there any respect inherent in the idea of a multi-faith sacred space?
Does the idea imply sameness, uniformity or utilitarian functionality at the expense of the diversity that we were trying to respect?
Hmmmmmm more thoughts to follow.