Friday, June 20, 2008


School's ending, summer is starting, the evacuation to cottages and camps is well underway, but there is another event that might not get picked up by CNN.
We were at the Aide's for a fantastic outdoor BBQ 'summer's here' kind of hangout when IT happened. I knew it would happen eventually but now I know it happened today. Mark it down.


It happened. He did it. He didn't know he was doing it. A landmark has been passed.

You know what else was cool? No, of course you don't. We were hanging out in the backyard and I was struck by something...this place is crawling with kids. It looked like the United Nations. Kids from all the surrounding houses were coming over to play. There was even one boy being escorted over by his grandmother. What an example of the Church in action. No one needed to drive to the building or book a room; fun, love and acceptance were available right in the neighbourhood.

It was great watching kids playing and Kevin & Melanie welcoming them all in and interacting with them.

Good friends, good food, good example of real life, everyday Christ-like love in action.

How many of us have places of opportunity around us that we just don't see?

God give me some glasses to see spiritual stuff around me cuz most of the time I miss it.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Wrecking Ball Is Swinging!

It is official. The process has begun. The end of the Armoury is upon us. Already you can see the new birth of the BOARD ROOM peeking through.
The reset has begun and priming will begin Monday June 23rd. Can you help us paint, sort, reset and dream about our new space. Ideas welcomed and encouraged. Help warmly encouraged. Financial or product donations cordially accepted.
It is going to be awesome. It is great even standing in there in the mess right now and dreaming about new potential. HMMMMM come a part


Monday, June 9, 2008

EVENT: Full Disclosure Soulhouse June 8, 2008

This Week: Finale/Year in Review/Graduation/Merge/Cafe: It was an awesome night once again for, perhaps, the largest Holy Smoke incarnation yet; 18 Musicians performing tremendously together. We traced back the entire calendar to the beginnings way back in September. We reviewed and recalled the many different areas of study that we have shared together. We were reminded of the incredible generosity that came out of Soulhouse over the last year. Again I have to say...well done.
We finished the night with a tribute to the Grads of 2008 and a time of prayer for dedicating them. It was a powerful time.
For any who might be interested the complete text of the tribute is available on the Podcast Central /Soulhouse Reloaded sermon player in the sidebar of this blog. To access the pdf you need to locate the correct service and then find the button immediately beside the title that looks like a sheet of paper with the corner folded down. When the mouse rolls over you should "PDF" as an info prompt come up. Click it. Get it. Read it. Love it.

Next Week: Father's Day: No Soulhouse :(


Saturday, June 7, 2008

THOUGHT: Confession #11

Confession: A 3 Step Pilgrimage Step #3

Serving God in the World.

It is such a God-thing. You have to get your head around it, but it does take awhile. Here it is: in giving ourselves away we find ourselves. When you fully belong to God, when you are untied with Christ you no longer have your own agenda; you are fully willing to do as you have been directed. The Apostle Paul said that his life was being poured out like a drink offering (2 Timothy 4:6).

"It is better to be in prison with Christ than to be free without Him...Many of God's saints were killed, but not one of them was ever conquered."
Rhys Prydderech

In agreeing to the bondage of obedience we become free. What was the biggest and most famous thing that Jesus ever did? Huh? Well, what was it? His best ministry to us was the cross. So is ours to Him. In Matthew 16, Peter confesses Christ (recognizes Jesus as the long anticipated Messiah, the Son of God) and within the next few years, both of them are martyrs. But are they in bondage? Absolutely not.

Set me free to serve and then let me be found serving, my God willingly.

Who wants deep, real, lasting freedom? Come on get some, get some!


Friday, June 6, 2008

THOUGHT: Confession #10

Confession: A 3 Step Pilgrimage Step #2

Agreeing With God That Our Sin Is Sin.

Seems pretty straightforward right? And yet when caught any where near the threshold of shame, we suddenly feel the bite being shunned and we begin some meager attempt to justify whatever sin sin we have been caught at. We work hard with the most outlandish self-defenses to make ourselves look squeaky clean when we are filthy and grimy with evidence to the contrary.

Our tendency is to hide from the pain of open confession--dodging openness on the subject of sin began in eden. When Adam was actually discovered with the forbidden fruit, obviously gnawed upon, he basically said to God, "Oh this? It's not mine. I'm just holding it for a friend. Who? Yeah that woman you made, it's hers." Then Eve, in effect, says, "No, it's not my bad. I was tricked and taken advantage of by that serpent. At no time was I even aware of what I was doing. That is how completely he tricked me. Bad serpent."

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the very first instance of sin. Did you see what it came with? The world's very first cover-up. The first opportunity for the spin doctors to go to work. Nobody stepped up to the plate and just said, "It was me. I did it. I sinned." What a devastating heritage that was begun on that day.

The press who cover political events generally consider the cover-up worse than the sin it covers up. Makes sense. The web of lies forces you to question everything. What can you trust? Who can you trust? Relationships are severed.

Just imagine how much better off the world would be (or you would be), if that legacy of rationalization never began.

Step up. Admit. Agree with God. Find peace.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

EVENT: Full Disclosure Common Ground June 4 2008

This Week: The Secret You: Compassion (Jon Harvey): We looked at two great stories tonight:
1. The woman caught in adultery that is brought before Jesus with condemning voices all about calling for her death.
2. The classic Good Samaritan.
In both of these stories we saw the revolutionary manner in which Jesus saw the law, respected the law and exercised compassion, grace and mercy. When that stuff gets in change. You cannot stay the same as you once did. Being compassionate to those around greatly helps them but it also helps the people around them and ... YOU.
Now the stretch is to try and transform the secret compassion in me (and you) and transform it into something public.
Next Week: Finale/The Year in Review (Graham Clinton)


THOUGHT: Confession #9

Confession: A 3 Step Pilgrimage Step #1

A Desperate Longing For God.

Why else would we bother with looking at our darkest parts? We need to earnestly seek after that one thing that will fill our inner longings...union with God.

I have a huge need to be forgiven. I need relief from the burden that I pile on myself. I need to be justified, to have all of my faults not count against me.

God I need more grace...again...please.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

THOUGHT: Confession #8

I read and write and teach, philosophy peruse.
I eat and freely drink, with rhymes invoke the muse,
I call on heaven's throne both night and day,
Snoring as I sleep, and stay awake and pray.
And sin and fault inform each act I plan.
Ah! Christ...pity this miserable man.

Sedulus Scottus.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

THOUGHT: Confession #7

A prayer of confession:

Jesus, forgive my sins.
Forgive the sins that I can remember, and also the sins I have forgotten.
Forgive the wrong actions I have committed, and the right actions I have omitted.
Forgive the times I have been weak in the face of temptation, and those when I have been stubborn in the face of correction.
Forgive the times I have been proud of my own achievements, and those when I have failed to boast of your works.
Forgive the harsh judgments I have made of others, and the leniency I have shown to myself.
Forgive the lies I have told to others, and the truths I have avoided.
Forgive me of the pain I have caused others, and the indulgence I have shown to myself.
Jesus have pity on me, and make me whole.


Monday, June 2, 2008

THOUGHT: Confession #6

I confess....more confession:

When Saint Patrick wrote out his epic-like confessions he determined within that he would not live a single day without agreeing with God about his own sin and his need for God's grace. Good focus.

You know what else? What about being naked? Think of confession as being naked before God. Keep that idea from before with Adam & Eve. They were naked before God until they sinned...then they wanted to cover up in front of God. When anything stands between lovers and their embrace, true intimacy is lost.

Union with Christ requires complete openness between the believer and Christ. Intimacy is born when all sins are confessed, and we stand "naked" in the presence of God. There, stripped of our pride and self-will, we are fully in His presence. Then we, like Adam and Eve before the Fall, walk with God. No...really walk with God. Nothing is hidden. All is openly declared. Nothing questionable casts its shadow on our relationship.


EVENT: Full Disclosure Soulhouse June 1, 2008

This Week: Everything is Spiritual (Erin Carter/Will Sherman Sr.)
Wherever we go, whatever we do, every choice we make has a spiritual side. We are spiritual beings and that means we infuse everything with a spiritual fragrance...we also choose which spirit we will infuse it with. Whether we go to school, Africa or into just a different spot in the city they can all be significant expressions of spiritual life. Choose to turn your everyday into a spiritual significant offering to your God and to the people around you. Mezuzah it again.
Next Week: Finale/Merge/Graduation/Cafe (Graham Clinton)


EVENT: Full Disclosure Common Ground May 28 2008

Last Week: The Secret You: Self-Sacrifice Josh Harvey & Graham Clinton)

We have been called to love others. That is no secret. When I am called to love I always know that it will end up costing me the 3 most precious things:

· My money

· My time

· My energy

I don’t part with them easily because they are scarce.

You might have to give up you plans, your independence, your privacy. Somehow, almost in exchange, you receive fulfillment & satisfaction that defies explanation.

This Week: The Secret You: Compassion (Jon Harvey)

Next Week: Finale; The Year in Review; Do You Remember This?