Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Tree 03: Joseph

The conclusion of the FAMILY TREE series. Give a listen to the podcast and then think about these things by yourself or with some friends.

What two positive qualities about your dad come to your mind first when you recall your childhood.

Jesus is and was the Son of God, yet God the Father chose a a physical dad for Jesus as he was growing up. Jesus had to grow up just like the rest of us, fully human.

How would you feel in Joseph's place (Mt 1:19)? In (Mt 1:20-21)?

What would you say to family and friends? To God?

What reason does Matthew give us as to why Jesus was born (v.21)?

Apart from fulfilling prophecy why was Jesus' virgin birth necessary?

How have you experienced Jesus as Immanuel (God With Us) in your life lately?

What do you learn about faith from Joseph?


Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Tree 01: Hezekiah

We are looking into the Family Tree of Jesus to see who was influential in his history. Listen to the sermon and/or jump into these questions based on 2 Kings 18.

What does Hezekiah have going for him (vv. 1-4)?
What behaviours show a love for God?
What is the significance of the bronze snake? (v:4; Numbers 21:8-9, compare John 3:14-15)
Why would this antique become fetish?
Why does the author seem to rank Hezekiah greater than David, Solomon or Josiah (vv. 5-8 compare 23:25)?
What two plans does Sennacherib figure Judah might pursue (vv.19-22)?
What do the Assyrians make of the Egyptian option? The Yahweh option?
What Assyrian option do they propose (vv. 23-25)?
Which of the three would you bet your life on and why?
Why do Hezekiah's men want the Assyrians to speak in Aramaic (vv. 26-27)?
What reason do the Assyrians give for continuing in Hebrew?
What is he implying will happen?
How do the Assyrians view the God of Judah (vv. 22,32-35)?
The deities in general?
Assyrian power compared to deity power?