Tuesday, September 30, 2008

THOUGHT: Light and Darkness

Have you thought about light and darkness before? Or maybe, have you ever sat in a dark place for a long time and then looked into the light? What does it feel like? What does it make you think of? I have been pondering light and dark for awhile from two contrasting positions.

1.I have been trying for some time now to get The Board/Room lit up. We have awesome new lighting just waiting to go up. But we lack going up personnel. So I have been watching the shadows and light and wishing that this project would just get completed so we could all just enjoy it. Steps have been taken. We are getting closer but we are not done yet.

2. I have been considering light and dark as they relate to life, as they are symbols that teach us of the way things may be. This coming Sunday @ Soulhouse I will be sharing some of what I have been learning. We are going to couch it in the language of LifeWare Equipping. What does that mean again? Well it means that we are looking for our lives to show the evidence of a designer, we want to find some LifeWare, some secrets, to help us live better. So we are looking to get equipped, rigged out, geared up, pimped out to live better. What can we use to do that better? LifeSupport. Someone or something that will support us as we try to live. Some support as we seek to be light in a dark place.

There are so many pictures that I can think of that are based on light and shadow. What are some of yours? Think about it.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Full Disclosure (September 24th)

Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!
For those of you in the know you will almost certainly hear the tune behind those words. Yes sir, there was nothing quite like "Welcome Back Kotter". Right Vinnie Babarino? "Yo, Mr Kah-tare I got a note." Juan Epstein.
Ah the memories. Nostalgia is a fine snack.
Well I am glad that our SrHi compadres returned for a brand new year together. And it is safe to say that this year won't look like any previous year. Yup things are going to be different.
It is now 180.
A complete switch. We have left one path and we have turned around and are now living a new life.
It is going to be a little tricky to keep track of this so I want you to have the inside scoop on what is going to be happening...soooo here we go.
Starting in October this will be the repeating schedule. We are going to rotate events by week:
Week One or if you like, the first week of the month, or the first Wednesday of the month (do you see how that works?)
Week One: 180 Jr
That's right JrHi are once again having a mid-week event...yeehaw!
Week Two: 180 Remix
An event-like social. Sometimes in The Board/Room and sometimes off campus. Sometimes Jr & SrHi together and sometimes separate. For example: Oct 8th (the 2nd Wednesday of October) there are two events, one for boys and one for girls. Girls Night (not age specific, so moms, aunts and sisters may come) is BUG (Beautiful Unique Girl). Boys Night Beautiful Unique Paintball (also not an age based activity so dads, uncles, brothers, friends from school etc...all welcome.) Any questions?
Week Three: 180 Sr
Well you guessed it. This will be a SrHi soiree. Activities, games, discussion, music, 180 TV, and to start with: CONTRABAND. What's that all about? Come and see. (don't you hate it when people say that?)
Week Four: QU
A deeper study. A learnin' time. More focused. When you are ready to claim faith as your very own or when you want to learn a little bit more about this faith thing: this is a good place to learn about it, think about it, question about it. First three sessions will be on Apologetics: defence of the faith, learning why your faith makes sense, some more proof or evidence kind of stuff. #1 God, #2 The Bible, #3 Jesus Christ.
Come and get your learnin' thang on.

So that is the future, now onto the past.
Last night was a delightful, romantic night bathed in the gentle glow of the numerous tiki torches spread accross our palatial campus. We yelled, and ran and threw wet things, kicked up our heals and the rest of our feet, and watched some live kissing. There were surfboards and skateboards and even kites. There were more words than you can shake a stick at and lots of names; some of them new and some of them familiar.
There was also a little boy who wanted to do it all by himself. Remember to use ALL of the strength available to you, not just your own.
Don't give up, my friends.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

THOUGHT: Do you feel like you have lost your brain?

I think that I have lost my mind.
Misplaced it. I went to my bedside table today searching for it and all I found was my empty brain case. Nothing in it. I sent the kids searching but they have turned up nothing, which is what I started with. Nothing.
Getting launched into September seems to be a big deal. Finding a routine after we have not had one is hard and it seems to lead to rushing. I have lots of new stuff to start this month. I want it all to be great. I keep having new ideas but I am not having new time or new people to help, and so...I rush. I hurry and scurry. I feel pressured, but only from me. I feel unprepared for all that I want. I have found a problem in this. More than one problem really, but this one stands out. It was not a secret, it was just like so many other things. It was overlooked. I forgot it.
I forgot Him.
I forgot "to be still and know that He is God."
I forgot all about it.
Just slipped my mind.
I was not at peace. I was at stress. I was at hurry. I was at busy.
This moment is helping me.
I am slowing. I am remembering.
He is God.
He is my peace.
Holy Spirit come on back. There is room for you still. Look, I'll even make some more room. Please come back. I didn't mean to squish you out.
He is God.
All things are under His care and control.
Even me.
Thanks for peace in the midst of a self-inflicted storm.
Thanks for my friends whom I will see tonight @ our 180 Sr launch.
Be with us there and remind us of your presence. We need You.
I wish I wasn't so forgetful about You God. Please help me to mezuzah something around here to bonk me on the head when I start to forget You.
You are God.
You are my God.


Friday, September 19, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Off to RE: treat 08

Today we are heading out with the folks from Summit Community Church to Muskoka Woods Sports Resort to start the year off right. Hopefully there will be a lovely little summary for you when we return. Mostly saying stuff like: "we had a great time! How was the city while we were gone?"
We were planning a small acoustic band but JD would have none of that. Full big band. Full big sets. Holy Smoke mixing it up and sharing the space with the willing from Summit. It is going to be awesome.
If all goes well...and that is always a risk...there will be new content on podcast central from the weekend. We will try and send out the music and teaching sessions. So even if you can't get the full 24/7 surround sound live action you can still dive in from home. Maybe you will even be reliving it when you get home.
That is of course, if it all works. Who knows with last minute thoughts and technology?
Don't be afraid to check back and find out. I will tell you when I know.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Guys Night: Paintball

No age limits. No people limits. Hardly any restrictions on who you can bring.
We have a reserved private night at Sgt. Splatters for you to run, duck, dodge, sneak, shoot, splatter and otherwise make a mess. Please note we will not be cleaning up the mess!
Invite your friends from school, from work, from home, your relatives, the guy at the video store. Wherever you go...you can invite them and let's get out and have some paint splattering fun. Let me know asap, get your waiver and money in super fast. The sooner we know how many people are going the sooner we will know how many extra paintballs you can get.
There is more info with the waiver ... so get it.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

EVENT: RE: treat Fall 2008

If you have not yet signed up for the fall 2008 RE: treat WHY NOT? Get 'r done boys and girls. This is the way to start this season together and in focus. Meet the people you are nervous to meet now so that you can get to having fun faster. Forms are available but time is running out. Transportation is an issue so please help me solve that problem by letting me know your intentions ASAP.
Cuz we thought it would be a way cool idea, we are also connecting up with Summit Community Church from Richmond Hill. Now you will be able to have friends over a larger geographical area.
Wow thanks, g-ram.
No problem. Hope to see you there.


EVENT: Guys Paintball Wed Oct 8th

Wanna run around, sneak about and shoot paint at each other at a reasonably high velocity?
Then come with us.
$28 includes 3 hr, mask, goggles, upgraded guns, 100 paint balls, unlimited CO2.
Extras: 100 extra paint balls $15. Coveralls $4