Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's The Point of TRUTH?

What's the point of this mystical, unknowable thing called "truth"? Does it really matter? Is it enough to know it? Can you know it?

Here is a sad truth: so many people who claim to know truth sense that truth is being attacked. Truth is at risk. Truth must be defended at all costs. It is a moral issue. It is an ethical issue. This is the truth and without me it might just be lost. The truth needs me to protect it. Without me it won't be safe and it might just somehow stop to exist.

Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH and the life. He is not a system of belief. He is not a list of tenets that it is to be debated and doctrinalized. He called himself the truth. Truth is not a fight. The truth is someone and something that we have a relationship with. The truth is to be experienced, enjoyed, & acted upon, not merely defended. It is harder to live it than to defend it. It is more powerful to live it than to defend it.

Jesus is the way, the answer, the direction, the path. He is the truth, he is honesty, he is revelation, he is a secret revealed, a mystery uncovered. And all of these things lead us into life and not just a meager existence but life abundant.

To find real life is to discover the truth. Now once you have discovered the truth you must stay in it, live in it, walk in it, delight in it. The truth is freedom. The truth is grace. The truth is the life that we long for, fight for and would die for.

The truth is Jesus. Get to know the truth.


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