Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Tree 01: Hezekiah

We are looking into the Family Tree of Jesus to see who was influential in his history. Listen to the sermon and/or jump into these questions based on 2 Kings 18.

What does Hezekiah have going for him (vv. 1-4)?
What behaviours show a love for God?
What is the significance of the bronze snake? (v:4; Numbers 21:8-9, compare John 3:14-15)
Why would this antique become fetish?
Why does the author seem to rank Hezekiah greater than David, Solomon or Josiah (vv. 5-8 compare 23:25)?
What two plans does Sennacherib figure Judah might pursue (vv.19-22)?
What do the Assyrians make of the Egyptian option? The Yahweh option?
What Assyrian option do they propose (vv. 23-25)?
Which of the three would you bet your life on and why?
Why do Hezekiah's men want the Assyrians to speak in Aramaic (vv. 26-27)?
What reason do the Assyrians give for continuing in Hebrew?
What is he implying will happen?
How do the Assyrians view the God of Judah (vv. 22,32-35)?
The deities in general?
Assyrian power compared to deity power?


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